Inclusive Tech Fellowship Program

Become an Inclusive Tech Fellow

The Inclusive Tech Fellowship Program is recruiting and supporting Black and Latinx individuals, who have been historically underestimated and underappreciated and are residents in the Chicagoland region, to enter into software development cybersecurity bootcamps and gain employment.

We want to help you succeed in a tech career.

TechReady can help connect you with the skills and learning pathways into software development and cybersecurity through an accelerated process, helping you learn and gain expertise that is relevant to tech employers. We also provide opportunities that help you master the skills needed to succeed across the career spectrum and create a lifelong growth mindset.

Financial assistance

The Inclusive Tech Fellowship Program covers tuition of the bootcamp and a small stipend to cover anticipated expenses. Additionally, fellows will receive a laptop, various support services, and access to materials and events.
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Career success curriculum

Through our program, learners have access to lectures and workshops that address the unique challenges of Black and Latinx software engineers and professionals in the industry.
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Job placement

Early access to a prep course (e.g. Intro to Coding) and career readiness services, including additional support from a tech Community of Practice to provide targeted interventions, such as resume and interview guidance and networking opportunities.
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An investment in your future

Through the Inclusive Tech Fellowship Program, our investment in an Inclusive Tech Fellow is approximately $20,000 per student. The program covers the bootcamp tuition, a living stipend, materials, events, laptop, and other support services.

Software development


  • Computer science – Data structures, algorithms, Big-O space & time analysis
  • Programming mastery – Object-oriented programming, asynchronous programming, recursion, regular expressions
  • Front-end development – React and JavaScript MVC, HTML5, CSS3
  • Back-end development – Node.js, Express, services & APIs
  • Data – SQLite, PostgreSQL, ORM tools
  • Tools and best practices
  • Build a portfolio of apps


Software Development/Coding is offered full 

  • 12 weeks – weekdays 9am – 3pm
  • August 2 – October 22
  • Application deadline June 26, contact us for an application.

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