DPI’s Software Development Apprenticeship Interview Questions

DPI's Software Development Apprenticeship Interview Questions

Videos responses do not need to be professionally taken and are primarily focused on your interests and ability to persevere. Please be transparent with your responses and view them as an opportunity for us to get to know more about you. Below we have included the questions, as well as more information about how to answer and submit your video responses

  • Recording and submitting interview responses
    • Take your time to think about the questions and record your responses

      • Please record and submit one video per question

      • Each video response should be no longer than 45 seconds

    • Questions do not need to be professionally recorded

      • Business casual is acceptable for the interviews

      • Don’t worry too much about aspects such as lighting

    • Submit your recorded responses to techready@uillinois.edu when you have completed the interview questions

      • Your video responses should be titled using the following format “Last Name, Question Response Number”

        • Example: “Doe, #1”

  • Interview Questions
    • Question 1: What makes you want to learn how to code?
    • Question 2: Tell us about a time where you had to overcome a barrier or solve a problem in your professional or personal life. What did you learn? 
    • Question 3: Tell us about a time when you had to show resilience or grit in your personal or professional life.
    •  Question 4: Name one skill that you have. What did you do to learn it and how will you apply that to learning to code?