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Start your tech career by gaining hands-on experience

Through a “earn and learn” model, an apprenticeship is a training program that allows you to learn tech skills in the classroom while you get paid to learn through on-the-job training. As you progress through the program, your job responsibilities and skills increase.

While most people associate apprenticeships with construction or the trades, a tech apprenticeship can help you start your new career in the tech field. Although these programs are rigorous, we are committed to supporting you every step of the way, and helping you become Tech Ready. Keep reading below for more information.

What to expect?

What should apprentices expect from a software development apprenticeship?

In the Software Development program, Chicagoland Apprentices will acquire the skills to build web pages and applications. Apprentices will also learn to program, test, and script software, as a part of front-end, back-end, and full-stack development.

Apprentices will learn core programming concepts that are applicable in any language and find out what day-to-day life as a professional developer is like. As an apprentice, you will gain expertise with the modern software engineering tools and frameworks you’ll use on the job.

Software Development Apprenticeship Programs

We are currently accepting applications for our DPI TechPrep Pre-Apprenticeship Program, which will offer Chicagoland Apprentices the opportunity to start a professional career in software development. No tech experience or education is required! This program is rigorous, and a deep commitment of time and energy is required.

The application process for the upcoming cohort includes:

Our process (short answer questions, interviews, and assessments) is designed to help us understand your commitment to starting a career in tech and learn the unique traits that you’ll bring to the program. The goal of our application process is to identify talent using a variety of different tools as opposed to relying on one method (for example, a test) that may fail to capture an individual’s strengths. Look to the right for more information and applications to the program:

Interested in a Tech Apprenticeship Program?

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DPI Software Development Apprenticeship

What to Expect

  • TechPrep: Self-directed, 4-8 week pre-apprenticeship with our TechCoach
  •  After completing the pre-apprenticeship, interview for the full-time, paid, one-year program
  • If selected, complete the rest of the one year pathway as a full-time, paid apprentice
  • Application Deadline: May 31st, 2022, at 11:59pm


  • Must have a High School Diploma or its equivalent
  • Must be able to work in the U.S. without sponsorship

  • Must be located in Chicagoland Area
  • Must be able to type roughly 25 words per minute (Feel free access a free typing test here if you are not sure how fast you type)
  • Take an IT Aptitude assessment, which tests for problem solving skills needed for a tech career
  • Complete and pass the pre-work program

  • Pass HackerRank test to prove entry level coding skills

  • Undergo a background check

Apprenticeships with bountiful benefits

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Accelerate your tech career

Apprenticeships can help launch your tech career faster than a degree program alone.
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Earn while you learn

As an apprentice, you will be placed in a paid job that will let you learn and develop your tech skills while getting paid to learn.
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Supported each step of the way

As an apprentice, you will be assigned a mentor who will help guide you through this learning journey.
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College credits

In many programs, apprentices can earn college credit for their coursework and training. These credits may apply to an associate’s and bachelor’s degree.
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Become a standout job candidate

As an apprentice, you gain experience and build sought-after skills that make you standout to employers.

From apprentice to employee

Many apprentices are either full-time employees, or eventually hired into full-time employment at the end of the program.
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Expand your professional network

Your connections will expand to include your assigned mentor, work colleagues and other apprentices.


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Apprenticeships lead to careers

Since 2017, more than 800,000 American have found employment through an apprenticeship.

Full-time opportunity

Six months after completing their program, 94% of apprentices retained full-time employment.
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Well-paying salaries

Over 90% percent of workers who complete an apprenticeship earn an average of $70,000 annually.