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Rapidly learn and gain tech skills to start your new career

Tech bootcamps are a great way to accelerate the learning time needed to land a job in tech. While bootcamps are challenging and require some commitment, the payoff for your career is big. In as few as 12 weeks (full-time) to 26 weeks (part-time), you can gain the skills that will let you enter and thrive in the tech world.

Software development


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In the Cybersecurity program, apprentices acquire technical knowledge of current and emerging cyber threats, vulnerabilities, and technologies. Apprentices learn to script and code, use and administer current operating systems, and acquire core knowledge in digital networking. Equipped with proper foundation, apprentices learn how to identify security threats and incorporate best practices in detecting and responding to global threats in a forensically sound manner.


In the Software Development program, apprentices acquire the skills to build web pages, applications, or apps. Apprentices learn to program, test and script software, and front end, back end, and full stack web development. Apprentices learn core programming concepts that are applicable in any language and find out what day-to-day life as a professional developer is like. As an apprentice, you will gain expertise with the modern software engineering tools and frameworks you’ll use on the job.

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Breaking barriers to help start your tech career

We understand that bootcamps can be expensive. TechReady Illinois has partnered with the University of Illinois at Chicago to launch the new Inclusive Tech Fellowship program, which aims to make tech careers more inclusive and break barriers to entry.
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