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Originally founded by Discovery Partners Institute (DPI) and P33, TechReady was created initially to help Illinois residents hurt by COVID-19 gain new digital skills. The data shows that jobs with a tech and analytics lens consistently see higher demand than those without. These jobs also come back quicker after economic downturns.

Now through DPI, TechReady continues to support both experienced professionals looking to sharpen their skills and “newbies” interested in pivoting to a tech career for the first time by providing various training programs.

The high-quality programs come from the finest academic institutions and partners. Additionally, students will experience career development opportunities through the TechReady community and introductions to employers through select programs.

DPI will continue to expand www.xxxhdtubefree.comthe TechReady programs with new certificates, opportunities, and benefits.


The Discovery Partners Institute empowers people to jumpstart their tech careers or companies in Chicago. Led by the University of Illinois System in partnership with top research universities, it does three things: tech talent development, applied R&D, and business building.

DPI prepares students and workers to step into high demand tech jobs. It also builds research teams and matches them with new funding. With state investment and a new innovation district in development, DPI has the resources to attract, develop, and leverage the most ambitious people and companies the region has to offer — and keep them here.

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P33 is a privately funded non-profit focused on driving inclusive, global tech and innovation leadership for Chicagoland. P33’s work is anchored in deep research and driven by a need to unlock the potential of the digital age to solve some of the toughest problems facing Chicago, such as equitable access to digital careers, talent retention, deep science commercialization and gaps in our growth stage startup ecosystem.

Officially launched in 2019, P33 is co-chaired by Penny Pritzker, former Secretary of Commerce and founder and chairman of PSP Partners; Chris Gladwin, CEO and Co-founder of Ocient and Cleversafe; and Kelly Welsh, President of the Civic Committee of The Commercial Club of Chicago.

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